Senepol Genetics

Davis Rairdan has the only Senepol embryos for sale in Canada. Because Senepol cattle are an heat tolerant breed, Davis-Rairdan exports quantities of embryos to warmer climates. The docile Senepol temperament makes for easy handling. The meat produced is of high quality and carcasses always score well in carcass competitions. Senepol are 100% Bos Taurus.

Breed History

In the 1800s N'Dama Cattle were imported to the Caribbean Island of St. Croix from Senegal, West Africa. The N'Dama, a Bos taurus breed, was well suited for the Caribbean because of it's heat tolerance, insect & disease resistance and the ability to thrive on poor quality forage.

In 1918, Red Poll genetics were introduced to the N'Dama stock to improve milking ability, fertility and make the polled. This blending of genetics proved quite successful, and formed the foundation of the Senepol breed. As more Red Poll influence was added, strict selection pressure was applied for:

1. early maturity & maternal efficiency

2. polled & solid red color

3. definite heat tolerance

4. gentle disposition

On-farm performance testing began in the mid-1970s with the establishment of the Virgin Islands BCIA. In 1977 a plane carrying 22 Senepol cows left for the U.S. mainland; 20 years later, the Senepol Cattle Breeders Association recognizes over 500 breeders and more than 14,000 Senepol records. Today Senepol can be found thriving in 21 states & around the world in such countries as Venezuela, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Brazil and many others where their tropically adapted production is needed.