Scott Rairdan Foundation

Dr. Scott Rairdan was a friend to many in the Charolais industry and the Canadian and International cattle business. He was a breeder, director, business partner and a family man. He swept in the lives of many with a broad smile, the latest agricultural technologies and a relentless enviable energy. Scott was dedicated to the causes he believed in and was known for his vision and impassioned ideas. To Scott, nothing was impossible and he concurred the most defiable of projects and challenges. His gregarious personality and immeasurable enthusiasm was contagious to those around him - as was his crazy sense of humour and positive attitude.

The Scott Rairdan Foundation was established in tribute to Scott's high standards and values. It will live in perpetuity, always inspiring and always helping others. To assist with the administration of this memorial foundation, the coordinating group has contracted the services of The Calgary Foundation - a highly respected non-profit organization that will professionally manage the donations and investments. Income from the fund will be distributed to various charitable organizations as directed by the Scott Rairdan Foundation Committee.

The Foundation plans to offer an increasing number of scholarships and bursaries to selected individuals who are enrolled in any post-secondary institution and studying something related to agriculture. Selection will be based on aptitude, background, sense of humour, community background and financial need.

Tax deductible donations can be sent to:

The Calgary Foundation, Scott Rairdan Endowment Fund
700, 999 - 8th St. S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 1J5 –  Tel 403. 802.7700