Recipient Herd

For the convenience of our clients, DRI has introduced a herd of quality beef recipients. These recipients are selected for reproductive performance, ability to calve, disposition and milking ability. These cattle can be syncronized in small or large groups to be lined up the donors for use of fresh embryos. They can also be implanted with frozen embryos. Clients are only responsible for the recipients after they have been confirmed pregnant by ultrasound at 60 days gestation.

Ultrasonography is used commonly to evaluate ovaries, detect early pregnancies (27 days) and determine the sex of the fetus (55 - 70 days gestation). Ultrasound is a very useful tool and can help utilize recipients more efficiently by early pregnancy testing and re-use of open recipients. Examining the ovaries of donor cows and recipients can also be useful in determining if the ovaries are functioning properly. Ultrasound is an excellent tool to use in general reproductive examinations as well.

Our recipients herd consists of young 1st and 2nd calving cows that are primarily Red and Black Angus crossed with Simmental. These are sourced privately as bred heifers and heifer calves from reputation commercial ranches. They are sired by high-end Red and Black Angus and Simmental bulls. We raise approximately 50% of our own recipient cows by selecting the top end heifer calves and breeding them to high maternal calving ease AI sires. We calve them all out here at our ET facility and cull any that don’t meet our expectations.