Red Angus Genetics

Davis Rairdan has Red Angus embryos for sale from a variety of top bloodlines. Red Angus is one of the most popular breeds among ranchers. The cows are very maternal and their red coloring makes them very heat tolerant.

Eric L.C. Pentecost, a noted English breeder of Red Angus cattle, hypothesized that one source of red was introduced into Aberdeen Angus cattle in the eighteenth century when the larger English Longhorns, predominantly red in, were crossed with the smaller native polled cattle in order to provide for animals sufficiently large to be used for draft purposes.

Hugh Watson of Keillor, Scotland is universally recognized as the father of the modern Aberdeen Angus breed. When he started his farming activities in 1808, he received six of the "best and blackest cows, as well as a bull" from his father's herd. Watson decided the colour of his herd should be black and he started to select in that direction." Although black became the most desired colour for the breed, because red is a recessive gene, it would remain in the genepool.

Red Angus Registry

Seven innovative breeders chose to use Red Angus in 1954 to establish the industry's first performance registry. Throughout its history, the Red Angus Association of America has maintained this objective focus and has earned a well deserved reputation for leadership and innovation.

In 1945, various cattlemen throughout the United States started selecting and breeding reds cropped from the best black Aberdeen Angus herds in America. In 1954, seven visionary breeders gathered to establish a unique breeder's organization known as the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA). Rejecting the norms of the times, the RAAA was designed around the new scientific principles of performance testing.

So, from the beginning, performance data was required for registration of all cattle. The ultimate goal was to initiate a system to objectively evaluate and select cattle based on traits of economic importance, and to build an Association that would adopt and embrace scientific innovation.

Red Angus Association of America

The RAAA has long been noted for its farsighted vision of beef production. Over a variety of fronts The Association has either led the industry, or been an early adopter of new technologies. This maverick attitude allowed the RAAA to adopt philosophies and technologies that were deemed too risky or unconventional by other associations. Here is a sample of some visionary policies enacted by the RAAA:

The RAAA has been a leader in:

  • - Performance Movement
  • - Open A.I.
  • - Performance Data in the Showring
  • - Promotion of Crossbreeding
  • - Offering an Open Registry
  • - Focusing on Commercial Customers
  • - Total Herd Reporting
  • - Evaluating Fertility
  • - Genotypic Certification
  • - Value Based Marketing
  • - Economically Relevant Traits