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Hereford Embryo Donors

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NCX Miss Sy Phillippa 600P {DLF IEF HYF}
(NCX 600P)

S: TH 707B Security 4J ET
D: Myalta 530G Jag 28K

FCC 533P Marie 3W {DLF IEF HYF}

S: Star Bright Future 533P ET
D: FCC 36N Marie 13R


Lamport's 75U Victoria 49X {DLF IEF HYF}
(ADTM 49X)

S: Lamport's 21N Redeye 75U
D: Lamport's 87N Victoria 46T

Duralta 65H Natasha 170N
(ANKN 170N)

S: CS Boomer 29F
D:WLB 10E Maria 158L


RU 37H Nancy 61N {DLF, IEF, HYF}
(EKD 61N)

S: Remitall Hollywood 37H
D:RU 20X Jo Jo 60J

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FCC 5F Karen 3M

S: WTK 38D Noble 5F
D: RU 1H Karen 56K

WLB 035J Flora 14N
(WLB 14N)

S: Ta-Bar WLB Formula 035J
D: WLB 25C Jan 17F


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