Limousin Genetics

Davis Rairdan has Limousin embryos for sale from some of the most prominent breeders in Canada. Limousin cattle are known as a high quality carcass breed, and frequently win carcass competitions across North America. The breed also produces excellent results as a terminal cross in cattle destined for slaughter.
Limousin originated in the high, rocky Aquitaine region of France. For centuries the area was isolated from the rest of Europe by political strife. As a result Limousin cattle have long been range animals, bred and selected for outstanding meat qualities and have adapted to survive in harsh conditions.

Canadian Limousin Breeders

The Limousin movement in Canada began in 1968 with the first imports from France. The popularity of the breed spread quickly when performance testing in Canada proved their worth to the industry. Many more importation's followed as well as an extensive grading up program. The early years of testing through extensive government programs re-enforced the impressive breed traits. They proved to have high fertility and the most efficient production record of all the French breeds. An easy calving record with the smallest average birth weight of all the continental breeds, was one of the traits readily accepted as well as outstanding mothering ability and good milk production.